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The Clan Napier Societies exist for all those Napiers, Napier descendants or those with an interest in the family name. There are currently two Societies concerned with the genealogy and history of the various branches of the family, although it is hoped that there may be more in the future.


The Clan Napier in North America (CNNA) is the older, having been founded in 1985. It is primarily intended for residents of the USA and Canada.

The Clan Napier Society (CNS) was founded in 1999 and is for those who live in the rest of the world.

The above photograph shows the two Founder/Presidents of the Societies: Charlie Napier of the CNS on the left and Brig. Gen. John H Napier III on the right.

Both societies are under the patronage of our Clan Chief, The Right Honourable Sir Francis David Charles Napier, 15th Lord Napier, 6th Baron Ettrick and 12th Baronet of Thirlestane, Chief of the Name and Arms of Napier.

There is a third society, the Napier Power Heritage Trust (NPHT), which was founded in 1993 by past employees of the British engineering company D. Napier & Son Ltd. It is a registered charity and its aims are "to advance public education in the history of the development of engines and the importance of the D. Napier and Son contribution to that history." Although the NPHT is not connected directly with either the CNS or the CNNA, D. Napier & Son was an important part of the industrial history of the UK, especially in the field of transport (automobiles, aircraft, trains and ships).

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