Greetings from the Chief of Clan Napier

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Chief's Coat of Arms

My Kinsfolk,

I would like to welcome you to our continuing Clan Napier Society website. I very much hope that you will still find it useful, informative, interesting and entertaining. I am positive that this is the way forward for our renowned Clan in the 21st Century to maintain the link between the members of the greater Napier family, no matter where you live in the world. I am sure that in the spirit of John Napier – alias John o’ Logs – he would have been hugely impressed by the remarkable scale of our network and proud of what we have achieved.

I am sure all the members of the Clan Napier Society continue to appreciate the help we received from Edinburgh Napier University in establishing the original website. It was important in establishing the link between the University and members of the Clan Napier, both in the UK and the USA.

I trust and hope that the links between all our members, wherever you live, will go from strength to strength.

Yours very truly,

Napier and Ettrick

The Right Honourable Sir Francis David Charles Napier,
15th Lord Napier, 6th Baron Ettrick, and 12th Baronet of Thirlestane.
Chief of the Name and Arms of Napier.

July 2012

Last modified:
31 October 2015

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