Clan Napier in North America

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Forest Lodge, The Great Park, Windsor.

On the occasion of the founding of the Napier Clan organisation in North America, as your Chief, I send you fraternal greetings, and my warmest good wishes for the success of your venture.

Our mottoes speak for themselves: SANS TACHE (Without Stain) and READY AYE READY.

Napier and Ettrick. March 1985.

Our then Chief, Major the Right Honourable Lord Napier and Ettrick, KCVO, DL, wrote the above message on the founding of the Clan Napier in North America (CNNA) Association on 9 March, 1985. At the time of writing he was Private Secretary to the late HRH Princess Margaret, sister of Queen Elizabeth.

To his greetings we, the Officers of the CNNA, add our own:

CEUD MILE FAILTE (A Hundred Thousand Welcomes)

Who we are

We are "all sorts and conditions of men" - and women Napiers by name, descent or adoption, found in most of the States and Canada. We number actors and attorneys, historians and housewives, merchants and military men (lots of these), printers and physicians, teachers and tradesmen, as our members.

What we are

Membership in CNNA is open to all Napiers (by birth, descent or adoption) living on this continent. Our purposes are charitable, educational, historical, genealogical, commemorative, social and convivial. Our officers are elected to serve a three-year term and may be re-elected.

What we do

The most important thing we do is to promote pride and camaraderie among all Napiers. We do this in several ways:

How to join

Anyone interested in joining should contact CNNA.

We will then send you the application and lineage sheets for you to return with a check for the modest initiation fees and annual dues. Upon acceptance as a member of the CNNA, you will receive our bylaws, a directory of members, and the latest newsletter. For an additional fee, a handsome membership certificate, hand-lettered and bearing a swatch of Napier tartan is available.

© Charlie Napier,
Morningside, Edinburgh, Scotland.

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31 October 2015

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