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Books published 1926 to 1950

The Book of the Old Edinburgh Club for 1927 (Volume XV).
Various authors, printed by T and A Constable, Edinburgh, issued March 1927.
Report on a visit by the Old Edinburgh Club to Merchiston Castle on 20 June 1925 with a brief outline of its history.

The Book of the Old Edinburgh Club for 1928 (Volume XVI).
Various authors, printed by T and A Constable, Edinburgh, issued October 1928.
Report of the mistaken arrest of Naper of Buchaple on 16 January 1679.

John Buchan, Thomas Nelson and Sons Ltd., Edinburgh 1928. (A facsimile edition was printed by James Thin, Mercat Press, Edinburgh in 1971).
Another biography of Montrose but this time told by a famous 20th century story-teller. Contains the usual references to the connections between the Napier and Graham families. No illustrations.

History of Port Glasgow.
William Forrest MacArthur. Jackson, Wylie & Co, Glasgow, 1932.
The title is self explanatory. It contains quite a few references to the shipbuilding activities of Robert and David Napier and their companies. There is a brief reference to Robert's brother, Rev. Peter Napier, and also to George Maxwell Napier, the person who gambled away his Kilmahew (or Kilmaheugh as it is spelt in this book) inheritance.

The Book of the Old Edinburgh Club for 1933 (Volume XIX).
Various authors, printed by T and A Constable, Edinburgh, issued December 1933.
Mention of Robert Napier of Wrightshouses infefting land in Bonnington to Agnes and Walter Logan of Leith in 1523. 26 January 1750, the Master of Napier banned from Concerts in St Cecilia's Hall for a whole year for gaining admittance on that date with tickets which had been erased and alter'd in Date.

Walks Abroad. Two Australians in the Wilds of England, Scotland and Ireland.
S Elliott Napier, Angus & Robertson Limited, 89 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, Australia. Third Edition, Revised, 1933.
The sub-title describes the contents exactly. This is a delightful and amusing travel book of the period and probably encouraged others from "down under" to follow in his footsteps.

The Proud Servant, The Story of Montrose.
Margaret Irwin. Chatto & Windus, London, 1937 (first published November 1934).
A readable version of the story of the first Marquis of Montrose. Picture of the young Montrose and map of his campaigns. Information on the first Lord Napier and his son and their relationship with Montrose. No index.

Roll of Dumbarton Burgesses and Guild Brethren, 1600-1846 (with a continuation to 1937).
Fergus Roberts FSA Scot. Scottish Record Society, Edinburgh, 1937.
Fergus Roberts was Town Clerk of Dumbarton. This Roll was compiled from the Town Council Records and other sources. Lists all the Napier burgesses and guild-brothers of the period.

A Short History of Naval and Marine Engineering.
Eng. Capt. Edgar C Smith, OBE, RN. Cambridge University Press for Babcock and Wilcox Ltd., 1937.
Contents as per the title. It contains references on 26 pages to Admiral Sir Charles Napier, David Napier, James Napier, J & W Napier, Robert Napier and R Napier and Sons.

Clyde River and Other Steamers.
Christian Leslie Dyce Duckworth and Graham Easton Langmuir; Brown, Son and Ferguson, 4-10 Darnley Street, Glasgow G41 2SD. First published in 1937. Fourth edition published 1990, ISBN 0 85174 565 2.
A comprehensive listing of the various fleets of steamers which sailed on the River Clyde and other West of Scotland routes, plus those employed on Loch Lomond. Mention is made of cousins Robert and David Napier.

New England Blockaded in 1814. The Journal of Henry Edward Napier, Lieutenant in HMS Nymphe.
Edited by Walter Muir Whitehill. Published by the Peabody Museum, Salem, Massachusetts, 1939.
Henry Edward Napier was the fifth son of George Napier and Lady Sarah Lennox (see below and also Henry at Sea and Henry Ashore by Priscilla Napier further below). This is taken from his own journals when he was just a Lieutenant and was serving in the fleet blockading America at the time. Interesting descriptions of life in the Royal Navy at the time and also the problems of trying to maintain an effective blockade.

The Book of the Old Edinburgh Club for 1938 (Volume XXII).
Various authors, printed by T and A Constable, Edinburgh, issued January 1939.
Reference to an Agnes Naper disposing of land on 25 December 1690. She was the wife of Simeon Moffat of West Bristo, Thomas Hamilton, Mason Burgess, and William Livingston, Wright Burgess.

Lady Sarah Lennox, an irrepressible Stuart, 1745-1826.
Edith Roelker Curtis, W H Allen, London, no date but after 1939.
Lady Sarah Lennox was the fourth daughter of the second Duke of Lennox, and thus a great-grand-daughter of King Charles II. After an eventful youth and first marriage, she married, as her second husband, Colonel George Napier, the fifth son of Francis, sixth Lord Napier, and his second wife. They lived in Ireland and had five sons and three daughters. The five sons rose to eminence in their chosen fields. Three became Generals and fought in the Peninsular War, one became a Captain in the Royal Navy and also became the first historian of Medieval Florence, and the fifth became a Fellow of All Souls and a notable scholar.

The Book of the Old Edinburgh Club for 1940 (Volume XXIII).
Various Authors, printed by T and A Constable, Edinburgh, issued March 1941.
Alexander and William Napier ordered to demolish "land" opposite the "Butter Tron" about April 1555.

The Book of the Old Edinburgh Club for 1942 (Volume XXIV).
Various authors, printed by T and A Constable, Edinburgh, issued November 1943.
Article on Historic Morningside (Edinburgh). 26 acres of land which became the estate of West Morningside was feued to Andrew Naper (brother of Sir Archibald Napier of Edinbellie, the Laird of Merchistoun) and his wife in 1586, which was renounced and granted to Alexander, son of Sir Archibald. Mention of Merchiston Castle with reference to John Napier (o' Logs) with his father and his son. Mention of three daughters of Major General Mark Napier (grandfather of Sheriff Mark Napier, the author) taking residence in a house on the west side of Gray Street, Edinburgh..

The Book of the Old Edinburgh Club for 1945 (Volume XXV).
Various authors, printed by T and A Constable, Edinburgh, issued May 1946.
Brief references to Merchiston Castle and its Doocot.

The Book of the Old Edinburgh Club for 1946 and 1947 (Volume XXVI).
Various authors, printed by T and A Constable, Edinburgh, issued December 1948.
Captain the Hon. Charles Napier RN of Merchiston Hall (Falkirk), (the father of Admiral Sir Charles Napier - Black Charlie) was the first inhabitant of No. 1 George Square, Edinburgh. Some reminiscences of his life at that address.

Ettrick Verse.
The Rev. William Addison, The Ettrick Press Ltd., Edinburgh, 1949.
Willaim Addison was the minister at Ettrick and Buccleuch from 1929 to his death in 1953 and was a well known local poet, and most of the poems in this small book were originally published in The Southern Reporter, a Selkirk newspaper. The book is dedicated to Lord and Lady Napier and Ettrick.

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Morningside, Edinburgh, Scotland.

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