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The Clan Napier Society (CNS) came into existence at a meeting of Napiers and Napier descendants on Saturday 29 June 1999 held in Merchiston Tower by kind permission of the Principal of Napier University. What better place to hold an inaugural meeting!

The CNS was created primarily for those Napiers and Napier descendants who live in Scotland, the rest of the UK, and other parts of the world, except North America (USA and Canada). An organisation for Napiers who live in Continental North America, the Clan Napier in North America (CNNA), has existed since 1985 and has many members. There is a close association between the CNS and the CNNA and they work to the mutual benefit of each other's members.

Since the inception of the CNS, contact has been made with Napiers and Napier descendants from all over the world. Although the core of CNS membership lives in Scotland, quite a few members live in England and Wales as well as overseas, as far away as Australia, South Africa and New Zealand.

The CNS holds its Annual General Meeting in June of each year, as near the anniversary of the inaugural meeting as possible, and another General Meeting in November. Two issues of the Society newsletter The Napier Log are produced each year, generally in May and October.


The aims of the Clan Napier Society, as stated in its Constitution, are:


There are two classes of membership:

Anyone interested in joining the Clan Napier Society should contact us.

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